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About the book

Babies 0-4 months only see in black and white. Research suggests the best way you can stimulate your baby's vision is to show highly contrasting black and white images which register powerfully on the baby's retina and send strong signals to the baby's brain. Oregon Seen promotes visual development while you have fun holding and bonding with your baby.


Making predictions is an important reading strategy to develop, Oregon Seen will delight pre-readers to practice predicting while learning about the great state of Oregon.

About the AUTHORS

The authors of Oregon Seen include McKay Moore Sohlberg Ph.D. professor in Communication Disorders & Sciences at the University of Oregon; Jani Selven, veteran elementary school teacher of 23 years; Rob Selven, retired youth social worker of 32 years. All reside in Eugene, Oregon. Between them, the authors are parents to seven adult children and one granddaughter. 

The illustrator, Kaari Selven, is a native Oregon artist based in Napa, California. She is the second daughter of Rob and Jani, and owns a successful art business, Kaari+Co. Check out her amazing art  here.

Oregon Seen was created with a shared love for books and a desire to promote development in babies by encouraging early reading. 

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